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Young JM, Solomon MJ (February 2009). According to the conflict of interest policy conflicts of interest (COI) must be disclosed. Avoid over-emphasizing single studies, particularly in vitro or animal studies edit In vitro studies and animal models serve a central role in research, and are invaluable in determining mechanistic pathways and generating hypotheses. These methods are often best when writing about oneself, one's organization or company but may be less so when there is a potential conflict of interest in a research field. Some systematic reviews also include a statistical meta-analysis to combine the results of several clinical trials to provide stronger quantitative evidence about how well a treatment works for a particular purpose. Rosmarakis ES, Soteriades ES, Vergidis PI, Kasiakou SK, Falagas ME (May 2005). Primary sources may be presented together with secondary sources. Journal of the Medical Library Association.

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A b Greenhalgh T (September 1997). Personal conflicts of interest edit Further information: Wikipedia:Conflicts of interest (medicine) People most interested in improving an article may have a connection to its subject. Then it is better to follow ordinary editing protocol, disclosing any COI and to be careful not to overemphasize your own sources. auflegevibrator sex chat deutsch


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It arises in part due to financial interests that compete within medicine. National Academies (including the National Academy of Medicine and the National Academy of Sciences the British National Health Service, the.S. April 24 2013 Announcement: Reducing our irreproducibility Wright JG (May 2007). For example, a page that is tagged as "Comment" or "Letter" is a non-peer-reviewed letter to the editor.

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